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Perth 7602

Aust Ch Carlow Full of Mischief

Melb 70s02

Baby Puppy Bitch class winners,WCC of Victoria Champ Show, 1972. Judge Ken Bulter (UK)  Mum & Missie - 3rd

Seth 102

Aust Ch Rudgecombe of Rivona (Imp UK)10/10/1980 - 13/05/1995

“Seth” came out from England in 1980 at the tender age of 7 months.    He was a half brother half sister breeding and this came through every bitch he was breed too.  He sired 28 champions in Australian and New Zealand.   Winner of 3 BIS Specialties himself and his lines  have breed on over the years. 


Aust Ch Bojojamile Becyleigh - 14/0284- 23/10/96

Sire Aust Ch Jodiwyn MIdnight Magic Dam: Aust Ch Springridge Rebecca.  “Seth daughter”

“Blossom” a granddaughter of Seth and what a doll she was.   Winner of 7 BIS Specialties including the 3rd Australian Welsh Corgi Specialty and 3 BIS All Breeds, numerous Group and In Show awards. She won BIG & 2 Opposite Sex in Group at the Sydney Royal


“Blossom” winning her first  BIS at the WCC of Qld at the tender age of 7mths and R/up went to her grand daddy “Seth”


Aust Ch Bojojamile Beck N Call   “Annie”  sister to Blossom.Winner of 4 BIS Specialties including the 5th Australian Welsh Corgi Specialty. Dam of 3 champions.  Never a cross word was spoken and always a gentle sweet lady.

Lucky 102

Aust Ch Rivona Tri Me Again (Imp UK)11/11/85 - May 2001


Mum with Lucky & Ben with Athol, taken at the Melbourne Show Grounds at 2nd WCC National Specialty

“ Lucky” came out from England at 10 months and within 2 months had won DCC & Opposite Sex in Show at the 2th Australian Welsh Corgi National Specialty in Melbourne.   He went on to 4 BIS at Specialty level.   He was a wonderful showman and our only dog to gain his Australian Championship in 4 shows.


Moving on to Blossoms only daughter Brenda, Aust Ch Bojojamile Brenda Leigh. This little lady notched up 4 BIS Specialty wins and many Groups and in In shows Awards.
Above left. 3th National Qld Res CCB and Minor in Show, photo taken with our eldest daughter and judge Sarah Taylor (UK).  To the right, Mum & Brenda strutting their stuff at the RNSWCC Spring Fair at Castle Hill. 


 “Brenda” winning Best In Show at the WCC of NSW Specialty in March 1994  under judge Stehpanie Hedgepath USA).


NZ & Aust Ch Bojojamile Belvedere Sire: Eng Ch  Blaizewood Crackerjack of Kilvewood (Imp UK) Dam: NZ Ch Springcreek Sheer Magic (Imp NZ).   “James won well and added another BIS Corgi Specialty to our list before he went to live with Barrie & Phillipa Keetley in NZ

Brenda’s only daughter Aust Ch  Britany Leigh  was not extensively shown but produced 3 champion daughters,  sired by Aust Ch Rivona Asset (Imp UK), 2 of which are featured below .


Aust Ch Bojoamile Billeigh
  “Billie” An Arnie daughter one of 3 champions from the one litter moved into the top spot at this kennel in 1996 winning 3 BIS at Corgi Specialties and numberous Groups and In Show awards.

Braemar leigh02

Billies’ sister NZ & Aust Ch Bojojamile Braemar Leigh. Photo taken winning BIG Sydney Spring Fair.   Another sister went to live with the Hamne Family in Wangaratta  Victorica and lAust Ch Bojojamile Bronwym Leigh, was a little on the shy side,  titled and produced one litter for us.


Billeigh’s son Aust Ch Bojojamile Broadcaster (AI) by Am Ch Renefield Sport Coat  sired only 2 litters. One by us Aust Ch Bojojamile Belle Starr who is featured on with the Oldies and 2 of her progency are featured below...


Aust Ch Bojojamile Budding Star and brother Aust Ch Bojojamile Bushwalker.  Both have win BIS Corgi Specialties and have champion progeny. See The Guys & Girls



Aust Ch Bojojamile Brescia Leigh (Aust Ch Vlandyn Star Raider/NZ & Aust Ch Bojojamile Braemar Leigh  R/up to BIS winners  all breeds and dam of 2 Aust Champions.  See “the girls”


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