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Lakeshore Pembroke WCCIn April 1988 I fulfilled my ambition to judge the Welsh Corgi Pembroke & Cardigan breeds and this judging status extended to the full Working Dog Group (Herding/Pastoral) in 1996.

Since becoming more involved with judging, today my judge’s license status allows me to judge over 100 breeds, including the Working Dog, Gundog, Toy and Hound Group and their Group Specials. Over the years I have judged at all-breed shows many times in several States of Australia and New Zealand but of course judging Pembrokes is the one most dearest to my heart.

 have had the honour and pleasure of judging four Welsh Corgi Specialties show in Australia, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Bitches & Non-Regular classes at the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America National in 1996, and the Welsh Corgi Pembroke Bitch classes at the West of England Association Championship show in 2000.

 In 2001 I was invited to judge the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Garden State Specialty, plus seven Herding breeds for the Trenton Kennel Club at their All Breeds Championship Show in New Jersey, returning to the Trenton Club in 2006 for another exciting judging assignment.

 In New Zealand I judged the Dominion Welsh Corgi League Specialty in 2003 and in 2004 I judged the Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Specialty. The pinnacle was my acceptance into the PWCCA membership in 2003.

In May 2006 I judged at the Trenton Dog Club Championship All Breed Show in Trenton, New Jersey presiding over a number herding breeds and the American Cockers Spaniels.

Two years later I had the pleasure to judge the Pembroke Welsh Club of Canada National in Montreal in May 2008. (Photograph - my BOB & BOS winners).
 In September I judged Toys, Gundogs, Working and Hounds in Christchurch NZ for the Malvern Kennel Club.
(Photograph  - my BIG Toy Group, whom went on to BIS and became an NZ Grand Champion.)

Although my judging assignments tend to lessen my exhibiting schedule it has most certainly given me a great deal of knowledge when it comes to breeding and judging. Bob has accompanied me on several of my overseas assignments, instead of being left home to house sit and what wonderful adventures they have been. We have meet and made so many wonderful friends throughout the world, thanks to our dear little four legged companions.


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