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Welsh Corgi Pembroke Aust Ch Bojojamile Bitter Sweet

Aust Ch Bojojamile Bitter Sweet
Born 01/11/2004
Sire:  Aust Ch Fergywn Robert Peel (NBT)
Dam:  Aust Ch Bojojamile Brush Strokes

Nissa  finished her Australian Championship title winning Group & Show class awards along the way.
12 CC's 5 BOB's and a few notable win's............
CCB, BOB & Minor in Group - Junior Kennel Club 30/07/05  Judge Mrs Jacqueline L Stacy USA

CCB, BOB, RUBIG & Junior in Group - Newcastle & Merewether Combined Canine Club Inc  11/06/06 - Judge - RC Nagle (NSW)

CCB, BOB, BIG & Intermediate in Group - ACT Canine Association Inc. Canberra Autumn International Festival 17/03/07 - Judge - Mrs Honey Glendinning (Canada)

Nissa and her sister, Tayla - Aust Ch Bojojamile Backstroke,  carry the natural bob tail gene.  Nissa whelped a litter of 4 babies with full tails in her first litter Jul 06 and in her second and final litter she has produced three natural bob tails out of a litter of  seven on  the 16 Jan 08.    
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