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Bojojamile Bulter Rhett Bulter (nbt)
14th September 2014

Ricky, along with his sister Scarlett, ventured out to their first show at the Lancefield Cluster between Christmas and New Year 2014.     What great little travellers they both were.  All good fun and a wonderful way to teach babies the ropes.

Rick had his moments but generally very good on the lead winning a Baby in Group award equaling his sister Scarlett’s Baby in Group award.

 Ricky has finally decided the lead is OK and since turning 6 mths old, 2 days before the 16th National WCC Specialty in Tasmania, he managed a nice 3rd in his class and since then picked up 2 RCCD & RUBOB.

An interesting 2015 ahead for Ricky and his sister Scarlett.
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