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Rumor Welsh Corgi Pembroke Aust Ch BISS Bojojamile Bit of a Rumor (nbt)  AF348D-678_2

Photo by Michael M Trafford


Aust Ch BISS Bojojamile Bit of a Rumor (nbt)
Date of birth   11/03/2012

Rumor has been sparingly shown along with her 3 (nbt) sisters and tailed brother.

Baby in Group win at Tullamore and at 6 months, shown in the 9 - 12mth Puppy class, she won 2 CC's and 2 Puppy in Groups awards.

May 2013
at 14mths Rumor won 71 points in one weekend, including 2 BEST IN GROUP awards to gain enough points for her Australian Championship  title.
Rumor won her 3rd BEST IN GROUP win on the Condo Circuit Aug 2013.

BIS at the 128th WCC of NSW Club Specialty 12/4/14 under Norwegian judge, Ms K Granaas Hansen., our first natural bob tail Specialty win.

3rd  in a strong class at the 16th National WCC Specialty.

Rumor’s 2 sisters, Aust Ch Bojojamile Better Believe it (nbt) (Lola), Aust Ch Bojojamile Behind Closed Doors (nbt) (Scully) and brother Aust Ch Bojojamile Butter Crunch (tail) (Crunch).

Proudly bred and owned by Bob & Joan Hutton


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