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Willow Welsh Corgi Pembroke Aust Ch Bojojamile Among the Willows (Imp NZ)    AA002D-169

Photo by Michael M Trafford


Aust Ch Bojojamile Among the Willows (Imp NZ)
25 Jan 2011

Sire:   Am & Aust Ch Dwynella Royal Footman (NZ)
Dam:  Aust Ch Bojojamile Brushes Quest
From Aust Ch Bojojamile Brushes Quest, Marylou’s  2nd  and final litter, Willow came to live with us and took a little time to  get the hang of being a show girl.
She finished her Australian Championship in style with  9 CC's, 1 RUBIG, 2 Junior in Show and 5 class in Group awards.

Just before Willow's 2nd birthday  we bred her to our frozen semen collection from Mr Bean, Am & Can Ch Stonecroft's Second Sight (Can), with a result of 4 babies. We retained   Mariah, now BIS Aust Ch Bojojamile Blowing in the Wind (ai).

Willow's grand grand mother, our  beautiful Jennifer Aust Ch Bojojamile Brush Stokes, who passed away in late 2013, lived with dear friends of ours.  They were so lost without Jennifer and asked for and have taken Willow under their wing.

Willow is now one very spoil princess, as was Jennifer before her.


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