History of the Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

A brief history of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Much has been written about our little corgi friend. Corgis have been well known in Wales for hundreds of years, mainly as companion/guards on the farms where they worked as herders, driving the cattle to and from the fields, and to markets by encouraging the sluggards with a timely nip at the heels. This old trait still lives on today, although many present day corgis may possibly never see cattle

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi with its short or bob tail originated in Pembrokeshire in Wales. The name Corgi itself would appear that ‘cor’ means dwarf and ‘gi’ means dog. And although we refer to corgis when talking of them in the plural the true plural should be corgwn. In the South Wales area the word corgi is also used to mean rascal – in a playful & affectionate sense as seen in the present day corgis.

Welsh Corgis were first shown as far back as 1925 but in 1934 recognition for Welsh Corgi Pembroke was given by The Kennel Club in England.

The general appearance of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke is a low set, strong, sturdy built, alert and active, giving impression of substance and stamina in a small space, with a bold outlook and workmanlike character, standing 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder.

The head, is foxy in shape and appearance, from a fairly wide skull and tapering muzzle of shorter proportions together with a well set, round shape and brown colour eye, blending with the coat coupled with medium slightly round pricked ears gives them an alert, intelligent expression.

The medium length body and level topline coupled with short legs of ample bone, upper arm moulded round a broad deep chest and strong flexible hindquarters well angulated stifle enable them to move free and active in unison with thrusting action.

The Welsh Corgi Pembroke has a short coat of medium length straight coat with a dense undercoat, in self colours of red, sable, fawn, black & tan with or without white markings on legs, brisket and neck. Some white is permissible on the head.

In Australia over the past several years local governments have introduced a tail docking ban and it is no longer permissible to dock tails in Australia. There are a number of breeders throughout Australia now breeding for natural bob tails, which have been part of our history since the little Corgi was found in Wales so many years ago.


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